Paradise Beach/ Clearwater Bay

Paradise and Brighton beach are separated by a small section of trees. Paradise Beach Barbados Clearwater bayFollow the track towards the beach shortly after Calabaza restaurant and drive down to the parking area to Batts Rock.

Like Brighton Beach it is also possesses calm clear waters, but has little beach activity. Having said that, it may be more busy these days. It once was the beachfront of the former Paradise Hotel, closed for many years, but now the site of major development with the construction of a Four Seasons hotel ($2,000 a night in peak season) and estate comprising of 30 private villas (>$10m per villa). However, like every other beach in Barbados, this is a public beach and you do not need to be a millionaire, billionaire or oligarch to stretch out and enjoy what this beautiful stretch of beach has to offer. There are public access entries to this beach.


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